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Most of the jobs today require the use of computers, either to process documents or communicate. As a result, almost any type of investigation and litigation today may rely on evidence obtained from computer systems.

Digital evidence from computer forensic analysis can prove to be a deciding factor in a legal case. It may be used to show that a crime has been committed, identify suspects, exonerate innocent parties, or help understand the motivation and intent of individuals.

Audit and investigation bodies in the international community are no exception. However, due to their specificity, mandate and the status of the personnel involved, the approach to computer forensics differs significantly from the normal practice.

ComputerInvestigation focuses on computer investigations in that specific context and combines forensically sound, validated in court procedures with the requirements prevailing in the international community.

ComputerInvestigation can recover electronic evidence related to:

  • Fraud, theft
  • Sexual harassment, child abuse
  • Acceptable use violations
  • Corruption
  • Intellectual Property violations
  • Indecent images
  • Trafficking


ComputerInvestigation will treat all client communication and correspondence with the utmost discretion.

Furthermore, data related to your case is protected, digital forensics examinations are conducted in secure surrounds, and findings/reports are disseminated on an ‘eyes-only’ basis.

Finally, once our business relationship is concluded, any forensic data related to your case is virtually or physically shredded after use, unless otherwise agreed.

Due process

Expressions and definitions of due process rights in the individual international agreements and in national constitutions may vary, and so do the interpretations given to those rights. Computer Investigation will proceed in line with the customer's own rules and regulations.

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